One of our year-long fundraisers for TMS Home & School is the sale of gift cards through a program called SCRIP.  TMS earns a percentage of each gift card purchased through the program, on things that you would spend money on anyway (groceries, restaurants, etc.)

Order your scrip online at Families can register and place scrip orders on their own.  Payments can either be made online by using PrestoPay (secure payments made through your checking account) or by sending a check to school payable to TMS Home & School.  Sign up for PrestoPay on the scrip website.

Simply go to and register using TMS code 4C98ED7D38353 . Orders will be brought home by your student or held in the office for pick-up.  Please specify your delivery preference when sending in your payment, or email Scrip Coordinator Jen Elberson at: with any details/questions.

You can also re-load your current cards online.  No more waiting for a new gift card delivery.  Your reload will be automatically processed by the next business day with no waiting.

TMS Code: 4C98ED7D38353

Order by Sep 11, deliver Sep 18
Order by Oct 9, deliver Oct 16
Order by Nov 6, deliver Nov 13
Order by Dec 4, deliver Dec 11
Order by Feb 5, deliver Feb 12
Order by Mar 11, deliver Mar 18
Order by Apr 15, deliver Apr 22
Order by May 13, deliver May 20